Children will play wherever they are – they don’t always need a playground. Everyone’s neighbourhood is different but there will be a space for play close to your home.

If there aren’t any play areas or parks nearby, there will usually be other spaces that can be used for playing. Children often see an opportunity to play in the simplest of things – puddles, worms, sticks and walking on walls.

Here are a few things you can think about:

  • Where can your child be active – running, jumping, swinging or playing games?
  • Where can you and your child meet up with other people?
  • Where can your child scoot, skate or cycle safely?
  • Where can your child find a quiet space – for hiding, thinking or using their imagination?
  • Where can your child be adventurous – walking on logs or jumping from height?
  • Where can your child get messy or wet? Where are there puddles, mud or places to dig?
  • Where can your child enjoy nature – bushes, trees, pine cones, worms, mounds or hills?

Playing outdoors

Playing indoors